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Devious Maids Spoilers

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2-2  "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs"  April 27
Rosie must work for a new family, the Millers, which includes Kenneth (Willie C. Carpenter), who's had a stroke; his 29 year old wife Didi (Tiffany Hines); his 40 year old daughter Lucinda (Kimberly Hebert Gregory); and Reggie (Reggie Austin).

Carmen feels threatened by an old flame from Alejandro's past.

Zoila's ignoring problems with her husband Pablo while she's intervening with Valentina's job. Will Zoila's marriage to Pablo crumble?

Marisol attempts to make peace with Nicholas's maid Opal.

Peri threatens Spence into staying in their marriage.

Adrian's coping with the home invasion; he fails to protect Evelyn in a dangerous situation.

2-3  "Dangerous Liaisons"  May 4
Rosie takes Kenneth to a specialist.

Marisol is stunned by what she learns about Opal and Nicholas.

Genevieve invites Zoila to a luncheon.

Evelyn grows wary of Adrian's behavior.

It's time for Carmen to give a performance in front of some big music names. Is she ready?

2-4  "Crimes of the Heart"  May 11
Carmen's new job creates a problem.

Evelyn plots to get Adrian out of the house.

Will Zoila take a date to a family event? Genevieve encourages her to do so.

Marisol's suspicious of Nicholas.

Valentina grows closer to Ethan.

2-5  "The Bad Seed"  May 18
Tony makes a decision.

Nicholas is jealous of Marisol's friendship with her book editor.

Rosie's unhappy when Lucinda crosses a line.

A visitor creates problems for Carmen.

2-6  "Private Lives"  May 25
Carmen prepares for a performance.

Marisol learns more secrets about Opal.

Rosie tries to help Lucinda.

Genevieve interferes with Valentina's relationship with Ethan.

Zoila goes on a date.

Season 2 is currently filming in Atlanta.

Marisol's writing a book about her experiences as a maid. Her friendships with the maids change now that she's not one of them. Nicole Sullivan will guest star as Molly, an aspiring writer working for Marisol; Molly's love of gossip leads her to reveal secrets about Marisol.

Academy Award nominee June Squibb will appear in two episodes as Genevieve's mother Velma.

Zoila's problems at home lead her to move in with Genevieve.

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