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Devious Maids Spoilers

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Will Marisol's marriage to Nicholas continue now that he's turning himself into the police? (Reportedly the show would like to bring Nicholas back, if they can find a way to do so.)

Who is the father of Zoila's child, Pablo or Javier, and how will they handle the news? 
What will happen to Rosie when she learns her husband Ernesto is alive? 

Will Carmen's meeting with the music executive go over well, or will the executive learn Carmen slept with her husband Sebastien?

Will Valentina's internship be successful or will it pull her and Remi apart? (And is it just us, or is "Valentina spends the summer away from Remi" not a particularly big problem given what else they've gone through in 2 seasons?)

Will Genevieve get a kidney?

Will the Powells' marriage work now that they know the truth about Barrett?

And maybe most importantly, who was shot? (Reportedly two people were shot, which does not necessarily mean they are dead.) 

All of these questions (and more!) will be answered when the show returns for season 3!  The show will return with 13 more episodes in 2015. DEVIOUS MAIDS creator Marc Cherry will continue to be with the show but will be joined by Brian Tanen and Ric Swartzlander as co-showrunners.  We don't know who all will or will not be back.

Gilles Marini, who played Carmen's married lover Sebastien, will be a series regular.